SIM Card Rakyat 1 Malaysia (SR1M)


SIM Card Rakyat 1 Malaysia or SR1M which is an initiative from Optic Tech Sdn Bhd that fully supported by KDNKK is a new telecommunication plan for Malaysia citizen. It offers a low plan rate that will give new hope to Malaysia citizen mostly with low and middle monthly incomes who live in rural or urban areas to use new and up-to-date telecommunication system such as wireless network and 4G. This in term will realize the hope of the government to get more of their citizen to use smart phone in the country.

The starter pack of SR1M can be finds as low as RM 5.90 with a total of 150 MB free internet access and a RM 5 free credit. It also offer low service charge for internet data plan, call rates and short message service (SMS) which said to have a quality that comparable to other brands like Maxis, Celcom, Digi and others that provide the same service in Malaysia.

Internet Data Plan, Call Rates and Short Message Service (SMS)

SR1M’s prepaid card offers internet data plan ranging from RM 17 for 1 GB internet data, RM 27 for 1.5 GB internet data and RM 47 for 3 GB internet data with all the internet data plan has the validity period of 1 month while the call rates is set to 16 sen per minute or 8 sen per block, 8 sen per SMS for the SMS services and 5 sen per MB per use. Both call rates and SMS share the same flat rate to all other network.

Other Benefits Of SIM Card Rakyat 1 Malaysia (SR1M)

Every reload made by consumer of SR1M that buy from SR1M’s sales representatives will earn them 20% credit rebate. For instance, RM 10 will give consumer a free 30 minutes worth RM 2, RM 30 a free 150 minutes worth RM 6 and RM 50 a free 300 minutes worth RM 10. Moreover, SR1M can be activated under 5 minutes to 10 minutes duration for the first time user and SR1M users can terminated the services anytime as they are not bound to any contract.

In addition, the user of SR1M will get Insurance Biker Assist from AAM and My Kifayah Kematian with SR1M promotional SIM packages. The internet data plan also provided users with speed which will be capped at 384 to 600 kbps after the quota had been reached.

SIM Card Rakyat 1 Malaysia (SR1M) Top Up

SR1M top up can be found in various outlet locations which include SR1M dealer outlets and selected department stores across Malaysia ranging from RM 5 for 5 days validity period, RM 10 for 10 days, RM 30 for 60 days and RM 50 for 100 days.

For more information on the services provided by SIM Card Rakyat 1 Malaysia, consumer can visit their website at, email, call 011-22701500 or fax 03-90117674.

Review On SIM Card Rakyat 1 Malaysia (SR1M)

8 sen per sms is not impressive compare to other company post paid services which are way cheaper. However, the rebate of 20% and the one call flat rates to other network make SR1M one of the SIM in the Malaysia that worth to get. Whether, the 1 GB internet data plan is good or not is depend on the quality of the network as there is no point on getting it if the coverage and speed is poor. 1 GB data plan is more suitable to Facebook surfing and email checking. This leaves the consumer to choose the internet data plan that suit with them.