RHB Personal Loan

rhb personal loan

RHB Personal Financing
No guarantor or collateral required
From RM 2,000 up to RM 150,000 financing from 1 to 7 years maximum repayment
Age requirement of 21 years old to 60 years old
Repayment as low as RM 57.54 per month

RHB Personal Financing is a non-islamic personal package from RHB Bank that provides from RM 2,000 up to RM 150,000 of financing for 1 to 7 years. The maximum amount that a person can borrow will depends very much on the applicant’s salary. For RHB Personal loan, this amount would be at 5 times the borrower’s monthly salary. This loan is unsecured so there are no needs for collateral and guarantor.

This interest rates of this loan would depends on the total amount loaned. Basically you can enjoy lower interest rates with higher financing amount. You are required to open a linked RHB account if you are interested to apply for the loan. This loan requires no collateral and guarantor.

Interest Rates

One can enjoy different tier interest rates with the loan. As a rule of thumb, one can enjoy better rates with higher financing amount and increased tenure. Bear in mind that the interest rates displayed are flat rates thus the effective interest rates are much higher

RM 2,000 – RM 10,000 :13.47% to 14.52%
RM 11,000 -RM 50,000 :11.74% to 13.09%
RM 51,000 -RM 99,000 :10.02% to 10.94%
RM100,000 -RM150,000 :8.31% to 8.87%



No processing fees is required for this personal loan. There is a RM 100 early settlement fees or 3% based on the outstanding amount. The higher amount applies. A stand 1% p.a penalty will charged for any late payment of the loan. All service charges are also subjected to a 6% GST.


This loan is only available to Malaysian citizens only. A borrower will need to be minimum 21 years old while not exceeding 60 years of at the end of loan tenure


Here are the documentations needed for this loan application.

  • Photocopy of IC
  • Most recent 1 month salary slip
  • Most recent 6 months EPF statement
  • Most recent 1 month bank statement ( Salary credit account)


If you are keen, you can view the RHB Personal financing at the table below

RHB personal financing repayment table

Do take note that RHB Personal loan is different from RHB Easy personal loan