RHB Easy Loan




RHB Easy – Pinjaman Ekspress Easy (Pinjaman Senang) 
On the spot Approval, Instant disbursement
Minimum 1 year to maximum 5 years of repayment
RM 2,000 to RM 150,000 financing amount

If you are in urgent need of cash, RHB Easy may be the loan products that you are interested in. RHB Easy Pinjaman Ekspres is an quick approval loan package offered by RHB. This product offers from 1 year up to 5 years repayment. The maximum financing is a minimum of RM 2,000 to a maximum of RM 150,000 subjected to approvals.

Interest Rates

The main benefit of this personal loan package is that you will get on the spot assessment approval and credit disbursement. Personally, I would advice going for other types of personal loan package unless you urgently need money .This is good if you are in urgent need of finance. However, the interest rate 13.38%(flat) tier 1, 11.63%(flat) tier 2 for this package is on the high side.

Here are the breakdown of the Interest Rates offered by RHB Easy. As a rule of thumb, you will enjoy better rates with higher financing amount however the interest will be higher if you lengthen your repayment period.


RHB easy interest rates

Fees and Charges

As for all personal loan, this loan is subjected to 0.5% Stamp duty fees. There are no processing charges and disbursement charges. There will also be a 1% p.a. penalty for late repayment of the loan. There is a 6 months lock in period for this loan while you will be subjected to a RM 200 termination fees shall you settle the loan during the lock in period.

There is also an option Personal insurance that will cover the rest of your repayment in any unfortunate incidents.


Applicant will need to be 21 and exceeding 55 years during the loan tenure. The monthly income requirement is at RM 1,500 per month.

Documents Needed

Please ensure that you have all the required documents before visiting RHB Easy Branch for personal loan application


  • Photocopy of IC ( Front & Back)
  • Most recent 1 month salary statements , 6 months for commission earners
  • Most recent one month EPF statements , 6 months for those working in private sectors

Self Employed

  • Photocopy of IC ( Front & Back)
  • Income tax form with receipt ( Form B)
  • Commisions statements for comission earners
  • Most recent 6 months bank statement

Repayment Table

RHB Easy repayment schedule is available on the link below

RHB Easy Express Repayment Schedule