Hong Leong Wise Card Promotion

heong leong wiseHong Leong Bank Wise Card is now offering 10% cash back all day for the whole year. You can gain 10% cash back when you use Hong Leong Wise Card during your purchase with you selected category all year.

How it works?  

Obviously you will need an existing Hong Leong Wise credit card for a start. You will need to choose 2 of out 10 categories of items being offered as your preferred cash back categories. The selection process can be performed via SMS. You can enjoy 10% cash back when you use Wise card on those items provided you need to have at least 10 retail transaction with minimum of RM 50 per transaction.

At the time of writing, there are no expiry date for the promotion. Which means that you can enjoy the cash back program all year round.

What’s the catch ? 

Hong Leong Wise card comes with annual fees and government tax. Although 10% rate is being advertise, you can only enjoy a maximum of RM 100 monthly. Do keep in mind that you can switch your categories anytime however you will be charged RM 10 for each category switch that you perform after your enrollment. Switching can be done by calling card centers of visiting the nearest Hong Leong branch.

Do take extra precaution that you can only spend on participating merchants to enjoy the cash back. At the time of writing, participating merchants are listed on the table below


To apply you can visit the nearest Hong Leong branch or visit the link below

Hong Leong Wise Credit Card