Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Promotion

hong leong fixed deposit promo


Hong Leong has just started it’s Term Deposit-i promotion (TD-I).  Depositors can now enjoy up to 3.6% p.a interest rates for 2 months when they deposit funds into Hong Leong’s Deposite-i account.  Frankly speaking, 3.60% p.a for two months is quite meager while it is not attractive as what other banks are offering in Malaysia at this moment. However let’s not judge too quickly while we look at what Hong Leong has to offer with this promotion.

Terms and Conditions?

First of all, the promotion period starts from 2nd September to 15 October 2015 which means all deposit must be done within this time period while only maximum of 500 millions have been deposited. Whichever that comes first.  The promotion is open to all Malaysians and Residents and non individuals such as clubs, partnership or sole proprietary.

Depositors will need a minimum of RM 10,000 while a person can only deposit a maximum amount of RM 2 million for the Deposit-i promotion. You will also need fresh funds to participate on the promotion. Which means the money deposited must not come from any of your Hong Leong or Hong Leong Islamic bank’s account. Some great ways to get the funds to Hong Leong would be via GIRO Interbank, Cheque or Bank Draft.

You cannot uplift the full or partial deposited money within 2 months period or all the profit shall be forfeited.  To enjoy the 3.6% interest for 2 months, you will need to walk-in and deposit into your HOME branch only (which is kind of a nuisance) however the withdrawal can be done at any Hong Leong branches.

For full terms and conditions of the promotion, you may refer to attachment here