BSN Credit Card Balance Transfer Programme


BSN just launched a credit card balance transfer program. You can enjoy 0% interest up to 12 months when you transfer all your other credit card debts into BSN credit card. This promotion features no application fees where you can consolidate all your card debts into a single statement.

Let’s have a look on what the promotion has to offer

To first be eligible, you will need to be a BSN credit card holder. You can also apply for BSN credit card if you do not have one. The 0% interest is quite a bold statement. Lets have a look on the table to understand how you can enjoy the 0% interest.

BSN Balance transfer


It seems you can only enjoy 0% interest for the last 6 months if you transfer for minimum of 12 months and a minimum transfer of RM 1,000. If you have a high credit card debt you can consider enrolling to this program as you can lengthen your repayment tenure and enjoy good interst rates.

The minimum accepted transfer is RM 500 with minimum 3 months. 0.30% per month interest is still quite a good rate compared to other credit card interest rates in Malaysia.

If you are keen, you should hurry up to apply as the promotion is only valid from 1 August to 31st of December 2013