This RM1 Aishah is worth RM 1,000

rm1 aisah

If you have this RM 1 , the note is actually worth at least RM 1,000 in Malaysia. That would also depends on the conditions of the note. This note is dubbed “RM 1 Aishah” or “RM 1 Aisyah” is one of the very few RM 1 that is signed by Governor Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan as the 6th Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) from September 1998 to April 2010 before he was replaced by Tan Seri Zeti Aziz as the 7th Governor of BNM.

Why is this RM 1 note worth so much ?

All banknotes in Malaysia is signed by Bank Negara Government which is the central bank of Malaysia.

According to sources, the RM 1 signed by Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan was released to the market by mistake during the transition period of Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan and Tan Seri Zeti Aziz as the governor of Bank Negara Malaysia.  “The RM 1 Aishah” which is signed by Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan was accidentally released  by BNM Penang as they did not receive the order to stop using the RM 1 as compared to other BNM branches in Malaysia. After realizing the mistakes, all RM 1 signed by Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan was withdrawn  and completely destroyed. Only 50,000 copies of RM 1 signed by Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan was accidentally released to market.

How should I sell it ?

Today the RM 1 Aishah is highly sought after by numismatic collectors due to it’s scarcity. Any coins or notes which are rare and released by mistakes will have higher values.

Please make sure that you have the same RM1 design which is signed by ‘Aishah’or Tan Sri Ali Abdul Hassan. To be clearer, the note below is the typical RM 1 note that is signed by Zeti Aziz which is quite worthless