Cimb Unfixed Deposit

The Cimb Bank Berhad is organised The CIMB 6 months Unfixed Deposit starting from 1 October 2018 until 31 December 2018. The bank can change the duration and / or the starting dates, and / or expiry dates of the campaign without prior notice. The eligible customers must make a minimum single deposit placement at least RM 10,000 for the fixed tenure during the campaign period. The customers must place the deposit at any branches of the bank through physical counters. The fixed deposit placement is not eligible for the Special Rates if customers make fixed deposit placement through CIMB Clicks or online transfer. The Special Interest Rates for fixed deposits placement is 4.40% p.a for 6 months.

The placement amount of the deposit must be only solely of fresh funds. It means, any fund or monies which is credited, transferred or paid into the Conventional Current Account or Conventional Savings Account (CASA) of the eligible customers from other financial institutions or other banks. But, it’s not include monies transferred from CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad and not limited to other Inter Bank Giro transferred, payment and collection of cheque which is made to other banks or such monies or funds credited or paid into the eligible customers account.

Deposit placements through cheques will be considered as deposit placements after the cheques are cleared or paid. The special rates only applicable for one cycle fixed deposit placement and the interest will be paid after completed of the fixed deposit tenure. If the eligible customers want to withdraw the money before maturity of the tenure, they may opt to withdraw the money partially or withdraw the balance in the fixed account.

Renewal Terms: After completed the 6 months of fixed deposit tenure, the special rates not applicable to the eligible customers anymore. For those who agreed with bank agreement, the bank will automatically roll over or renew the 6 months principal fixed deposit amount and the prevailing rate applicable at the time of roll over shall apply. The terms and conditions for this campaign are available at