RHB SME Online financing

Catered for SME

RHB SME Online financing is a great way to get quick cash for your business. With this financing scheme, you can apply loans at the comfort of your home. SME Online financing enables you to access from RM50,000 up to RM 300,000 financing with a tenure of 6 months to 2 years.  The maximum monthly installment would be around RM 14,000.  The fund disbursement is 5 working days upon loan approval and all document submissions.

This is not an unsecured loan where guarantor (share holder of partners in the business) is necessary however collateral is not needed.


A business owner and employee of the business can apply for the loan on behalf of the business entity. Repayment for the loan is done with direct deduction from current account. Personal Smart Shield (PSS) Insurances is optional however encouraged for the loan.  Extra quotation will be provided should you apply for the PSS

There is a standard stamp charges with insurances premium if one subscribed to it. Please take note that there are no early settlement option for this financing scheme. Do your own business due diligence and plan ahead.


For a start , your business must be operating for a minimum of 2 years. This loan is for Malaysian company only where all shareholder and directors are required to hold a MyKad.

To apply for the loan, do prepare most recent 6 months bank statement. Copy of Mykad for all owners and partners. Once the loan is approved , one would also have to submit all original bank statement, Company Documents, IC  and original IVOICE or PURCHASE ORDER for minimum two vendors and suppliers.

  • Certified Copy Bank Statement
  • Company Documentations , Form 24, Form 49 , Form A and Form D
  • Mykad for all shareholders, directors and guarantors


  • Easy Application via online
  • Fast funds disbursement


  • Interest is only available on loan offer letter . RHB BLR starts from 6.85% p.a.