Best Cash Back Credit Card Malaysia

There are so many cashback credit cards floating around in the market. As such, how can you really determine which card gives you the best preferred benefits? Some credit cards may offer better cash back as compared to other banks. Here are some of the best cash back credit card in Malaysia that you may consider so that you can spend and shop guilt-free.


Hong Long Wise Card

The Hong Leong Wise Card is known as one of the best cards if your main lookout is on cash back, as you can enjoy 10% cash back with a minimum of 10 retail transactions per month, of minimum of RM50 per transactions. Another point to highlight about this cash back credit card is that you actually get to choose the spending categories of your choice. Unlike some other cards, you will be restricted to certain spending categories and limit your cash back benefits. Hence, this card can suit to the way you spend while maximizing your cash back. If you are interested to sign up for a Hong Leong Wise Card, your minimum monthly income has to be at least RM2,000 or RM24,000 per annum. Do take note that this card has an annual fee of RM170 for principal card holders and RM85 for supplementary card holders. 


Public Bank Visa Signature

Another cash back credit card to consider is the Public Bank Visa Signature, which is an ideal card for those who enjoy the details and finer things in life. You can actually shop with free of hassle with the Visa PayWave and awarded 6% cash back on local as well as oversea spending. The spending categories include groceries, dining and online spending. The cashback will be capped at RM50 per month. In order to sign up for the card, do make sure that you have a minimum income of RM8,400 per month or RM100,000 per annum. The annual fee would be around RM400 for principal card holder and around RM200 for supplementary card holder. However, you are eligible for a waiver with a minimum of 12 swipes in 12 months. 


RHB Smart Value Credit Card

The RHB Smart Value Card is a cash back credit card that you may consider if you are looking for both cash back card and a reward card for shopping and entertainment. You can get 5% cash back for petrol, groceries, online and utilities spend. Other than these spending categories, you will get 0.2% cash back. This means that everything that you spend with this cash back credit card will earn you a certain amount of cash back benefits. If you are interested to apply for one, do take note that your minimum monthly income has to be of at least RM2,000 or per annum of RM24,000. There will be an annual fee of around RM74 for principal cardholder and around 43 for supplementary cardholder. 

Above are some examples of the most recommended cash back credit card that you can look into. Depending on your own expenses and income, you may choose the one that suits you the most.