Personal Loan Application

How to Apply for Personal Loans?

Typically you must be over 18 years old to qualify for personal loan application.  As Personal Loans does not normally require guarantor the criteria may be a little more stringent.  There are various banks , financial institution and money lenders that offers financing services such as personal loan to borrowers.


  • 18 Years old and above
  • Posses a valid Identity Card
  • Employed or Self Employed

Low Interest Rate Loans

There are various type of interest rates for personal loans. Fate Interest rates are being used for personal loans in Malaysia.  The lowest interest rate personal loans are the one catered for government servants however that would requires applicant’s salary to be direct deducted via program such as “Biro Angkasa Program” and so on. If you do not work with government , you can always apply for a non-public servant personal loan.



Before you apply for Personal loan

Prepare your salary statement or bank statement for self employed. Generally accepted statements are from 3 months to 6 months. Please make sure that your credit score is perfect before applying.