Alliance Bank Personal Loan

alliance bank personal loan

Alliance CashFirst Personal Loan
No guarantor nor collateral needed
From RM 5,000 up to RM 100,000 financing from 1 to 7 years maximum repayment
As low as RM97 monthly repayment
Malaysian Citizens and Permanent Residents residing in Malaysia only
Age requirement of 21 years old to 60 years old
Minimum RM 3,000 monthly basic income
10.38% flat rate pa
8.88% flat rate pa (Below 3 years)

Alliance CashFirst offers from Rm 5,000 up to Rm 100,000 financing from 1 to 7 years of repayment. To qualify for the loan you will need to have a minimum salary of RM 2,000 per month , to be a Malaysian citizen or permanent residents. This product needs no collateral not guarantor as of other personal loans in Malaysia. Repayment of the loan can be done with IBG in Malaysia.


Debts consolidations

CashFirst allows debt consolidation of credit cards, other personal loans, overdraft into one repayment method. Which means that you can covert all your existing personal loans and credit cards into Alliance CashFirst personal loan. This may allow you to save some money if your existing loan or credit card has a much higher interest rates while having the convenience of repaying to single loan only. You can only consolidate up to 4 credit cards at the time of writing. This also can save you time avoiding hassle to service different loans

Charges and Fees

There are no processing charges for the loan however there will be a 0.55% stamp duty which will be deducted from the amount being borrowed.

Benefit of the loans

CashFirst may benefits those who may have extra cash to settle the loan as there are penalty for early settlement. You will need to write a written notification to the bank 3 months in advance for early settlement or you will be charged 3 months interest.



This loan is open to Malaysian and Permanent residents. You will need to be 21 years to 60 years old at the end of loan repayment period with a minimum monthly salary of RM 3,000. If you are self employed, your business must be running at least 2 years

Documents required


  • Photocopy IC ( front and back)
  • Most recent 1 month payslip
  • Most recent EA form
  • Most recent EPF statement
  • Most recent BE form

Self Employed

  • Photocopy IC ( front and back)
  • Business registration forms
  • Most recent 6 months bank statement
  • Most recent B form with validated payment receipt

If you are keen, the repayment table for this personal loan is available below

repayment table