BSN Personal Loan


BSN Executive 1 Personal Loan
Open to selected panel of private sectors employees only
Interest varies from 6.0% p.a to  8.50%
Maximum financing period of 10 years
Borrow up to 10 times your salary
Minimum salary of RM 3,000 for permanent while RM 10,000 for contract employees
For single applicant from 21 to 60 years of age


BSN is now offering personal loan to private sector personnel however with strict selection of companies. Previous, BSN personal loan is only limited to selected public listed companies and professionals with proof of professional qualifications. BSN Executive 1 allows from RM 10,000 up to RM 200,000 with maximum 10 years of repayment period. This minimum years of repayment would be 2 years while the maximum is 10 years.

There are no requirements for guarantor and collateral as this is unsecured loan. Do keep in mind that it would be quite strict for applicants of unsecured loan to be approved. BSN is also offering other secured personal loan if you are interested.

Upon loan approval, successful applicants will have to open a BSN Giro or Giro-i account

Interest Rates

The interest rates that one can enjoy and the maximum financing would depends very much on several factors. This will include monthly income, tenure of the loan and also a borrower’s credit score. The bracket below illustrates the interest rates with the loan limit based on conditions. The minimum amount for this loan is RM 10,000

Montly Salary of RM 3,000 to RM 5,000 : rates 8.50%
Montly Salary of RM 5,000 to RM 10,000: rates 7.0%
Montly Salary of RM 10,000 an above : rates 6.0%


Fees and Charges

Late payment of the loan will be subjected to 1% p.a penalty calculated on a daily basis. There are no lock in period for the loan which means that borrower can settle the loan anytime with advance notice to BSN. This loan is also subjected to Stamp Duty fees.



To be eligible for the loan, you will need to be a private sector servant from a list of panel public listed company. This loan is only open to Malaysians Citizens only while you need to be 21 to 55 or 60 (depending on retirement age) years old at the end of loan tenure to qualify for the loan. Three years working experience is compulsory for the loan.

The minimum salary requirement for the loan would be RM 3,000 monthly for permanent staffs while RM 10,000 for contract staffs.  Applicant must also have an existing BSN-Giro or Giro-I account.

Benefits of the loan

The interest rate offered by BSN is quite attractive compared to other personal loans in Malaysia. Do understand that 6.5% p.a. flat rate will be somewhere around 11.7% p.a. EIR ( Effective Interest Rates).

Things to take note when signing for the loan

There is a minimum requirement of RM 10,000 for the loan. So you cannot borrow lesser than this amount.

Private Sector List

  • Selected Petronas Group staffs
  • Selected Private healthcare
  • Selected Select GLC
  • Selected Selected Private colleges
  • Selected Public listed company in KLSE main board
  • Professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, Accountant, Architect, IT Expert with proof of employment and certifications

Documents required

  • Photocopy of IC (Both sides)
  • Most recent 3 months bank statement
  • Most recent EPF statement
  • Employment Confirmation letter


  • No lock in period for the loan


  • Very high salary requirement for contract staff
  • Subjected to Panel list of companies