Aeon Personal Loan




AEON iCash Personal Loan
No guarantor and collateral needed
Fast Approval
RM 1,000 to RM 100,000 of financing available
Maximum 60 months repayment
Lowest 0.8% monthly interest rate (AEON Card members)

AEON iCash is a personal loan package from AEON credit services Malaysia. This loan requires no guarantor, collateral and security deposit. You can finance yourself from RM 1,000 to RM 100,000 with iCash. The interest rates starts at 1.2% per month and will go lower with higher amount of financing and if you are an AEON card member. The interest can go as low as 0.8% monthly rate which is around 9.6% p.a. if you borrow more than RM 5,000 and you are holding an AEON credit card.

As for repayment option, this personal loan has a minimum 6 months to maximum of 84 months repayment. This would be one of the shortest repayment option in Malaysia. If you are keen, the AEON iCASH repayment table is available below

Aeon repayment table

To apply for this loan, you will need to make a visit to your nearest AEON Branch. A fast processing is guaranteed for existing AEON credit card holders.


This loan does not requires any early settlement fees. If you are looking to borrow below RM 4,999 there will be a hefty 6% processing fees which is rather high. The standard 0.5% Stamp fees can be deducted from the amount borrowed. All service charges are also subjected to 6% GST.


This loan is only available for Malaysian citizens only.

Documents required

This would be the personal loan where least documents are required. You will only have to bring these two documents during application

  • Photocopy IC (Both sides)
  • Most recent salary slip

About Aeon Credit

Aeon Credit is part of Aeon Group from Japan. This would be the same umbrella company that owns Aeon Shopping Center (formerly known as Jaya Jusco). Aeon Credit also has a credit card facilities besides providing financial services.